Once upon a time...
there were Italian seafarers and friars who traveled the world in search of new wonders and, a few generations later, there was a little girl born out of that line of Italian seafarers. Despite those few generations of separation from the Italian roots, the love of Italian wine and food has always been inherent to her persona.

Here at TuttiLili, it’s our philosophy that “how you are with the small things, is how you’ll be with the big things.” Our founder, "Lili" is a world traveler and happiest when she is in the homeland of Italia. As she’s tasted the fine wines and foods of the country, she’s often wished others could experience those great things too.

So, TuttiLili was born. Lili brings together the best wines and olive oils from her travels and visits to Italy. We are certain we have something you will enjoy.

Our Mission

At TuttiLili, it is our goal to select special wines from producers who are committed to the highest standards of quality in its wine production.  We truly believe that what we do with the little things is what we do with the big ones.

Our founder is actually a Certified Public Accountant who spent many years in a successful career in the practice of Financial and Compliance Audit as well as International Taxation.   She pays great attention to detail and loves the fine art of enjoying a gastronomic meal accompanied by the appropriate fine wine after a hard day’s work and - especially - a long, busy work season.

We also believe that spirits are better when shared among friends. Our hope is that you will be able to share special moments over the wines we serve, whether it is in our store or in your home.